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Pet Friendly

Dont Leave them at Home

Okay, okay, we are going to say it...we are guilty of being pushovers for the pooches.  Fourleggeds are the center of our lives.  They make our lives more doable, and so much more tolerable.  The Oaks is very, mega pet friendly and believe us, your four-legged kiddies will be well treated.  Before we go any further we have to go there, we don't do slithering or creepy crawling critters, but dogs, cats, birds, and goldfish are all acceptable.

Pet sizes welcome are either one pet to 100 lbs or two pets adding up to 100 lbs.  There are requirements to be able to bring your four-legged with you and these requirements are for your well-being and the well-being of all others staying at The Oaks.

For all animals staying at The Oaks, we do ask that your pet(s) vaccinations be up to date.  Please make sure your pet(s) do not have fleas or ticks.  It is quite costly to take care of these problems after the fact.  Genuine Service Dogs are automatically welcome. The service dog (animal) team must still have their Service Dog's (animal) vaccinations up to date.  The Oaks operates on good faith and trust.  Service Dogs (animals) and pets are to be well-behaved, properly trained, and under the complete care and control of their person(s).  All pets must be on a leash at all times, with no exceptions.  This is for the well being of everyone.  We do reserve the right to inquire or respond accordingly to any animal's behavior or the behaviour of their person.  If an animal is not behaving appropriately, such a situation will be addressed accordingly.  The Oaks does adhere to the ADA rules and regulations.  If an animal who has been identified as a Service Dog (animal) and is not behaving accordingly, affecting the stay and wellbeing of others, we will act on our right to address the situation.

There are service dogs in permanent residence at The Oaks.  While guests are visiting all due respect is expected towards all service animals.  If a dog (animal) visiting or living at The Oaks has been identified as service vested or not, it is expected that the "No touch, no talk, and no eye contact" rule is adhered to by the strictest adherence by everyone with respect to the working team.  They are working and their working connection is not to be affected or disconnected in any way.  This is for the extreme importance and wellbeing of the working service team.

Yes, They Get Gift Bags!

You don't get one, but they do!  When you arrive your four-legged kids will find a comfy bed set up for them, a welcome gift bag, and other personalized welcome wagon horn-blowing items.  They are going to thank you over and over again and will end up making your time away for them too.  And you know, it’s all about them!

If you find you need something for our special friend don't hesitate to ask, we just may have it at The Oaks.


Your furry friend(s) will enjoy themselves so much that they won't want to go home and may just come back without you if you don't bring them back.

Pets are welcome
Pets are welcome

Pet Perks

This is what we have for our furry guests:

Doggie cooling pool in the courtyard, catch toys everywhere, tug toys, homemade treats, comfy made beds, pet towels, and of course, new friends, lots of friends!  And the list goes on...

How about a pet pampering Reiki Treatment?

Or a Spiritual Healing session?

Are you too tired or have no time to go for a quick walk?  Check!  We’ve got you covered!

Worried they need a visit and some water?  Check!

Did you forget their bowls?  Check!

Did you forget their favourite toy?  Check!

What goes in comes out....poop bags?  Check!

Okay, leash?  Check!

We’ve gotcha!

Nature and Quality Time

In Chautauqua County in which Jamestown is, there are multiple gorgeous, dog-friendly nature trails. In the link called Chautauqua County Visitors provided below, you can search for the local perfect trail where you, Fido and Lollipops could spend some quality time.


There is nothing like sharing nature with your Zen friend(s).  


If you feel a stay in a strange place, away from home, with other dogs and unknown people may be too much for Fido or Lollipops, check out the below button link for Boarding Websites.  Don't hesitate to reach out to The Oaks through our Contact Us form on this website.  We may be able to assist you with making your stay at The Oaks as worry-free and comfortable as possible.

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