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Welcome to T.O.S.A.!

The Oaks Spiritual Academy would like to welcome you!

You are here either exploring to see what we have to offer or, you are here because you have already signed up for one of our programs and will be entering one of your private program rooms.

Either way, look forward to a fulfilling and rewarding experience that can only get better the more you learn and grow.

Once again, Welcome to our forest of oak trees!

Tree Lined Path

All About T.O.S.A.

The Oaks Spiritual Academy is dedicated to being an education available academy no matter where you are, no matter your professional life style, no matter your time zone, or your schedule needs.  We will do our very best to assist you.  T.O.S.A. will be offering independent study programs, resource ministerial reference digital material, virtual certification programs, combination in-person/hybrid/independent study certification programs amd retreat self care programs.​We are in the process of creating our own workbook material and meditation audio material.With all this said, one step at a time.  As they say, baby steps.Right now our goal is the digital independent study programs and the in-person program currently booked to be taught.​T.O.S.A. has an EVENTS page that will keep you up tp date on what is up and coming in programs.So keep checking to see.Often there will b e early bird specials too!​We look forward to seeing you becoming one of the many trees in our forest!​P.S.See our tree communication page it's fascinating!!!!




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