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U.K. Style Bed and Breakfast in The Beautiful Residential Community of Jamestown

the oaks

The Oaks B&B

At The Oaks, we provide personalized comfort and a sense of spiritual hospitality for our guests. We offer traditional U.K.-style accommodations, a tranquil environment, and a range of activities, and retreats for individuals, families, and groups. Our mission is to create a space where you can relax and reconnect, while also offering opportunities to explore the outdoors and experience the local culture. We invite you to join us and discover what The Oaks has to offer. 

Popular Rooms

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Our visiting families are happy as we have accommodations that are perfect for families.


When available, full wings of our building could be booked for your family’s privacy at no extra charge. We have rooms that can accommodate children within your same room or two separate rooms immediately outside each other’s room allowing you your own space while your children are still close for your supervision.

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Fantastic Rooms with Real History

Experience the tranquil haven that awaits you at The Oaks B&B, where relaxation is elevated to a divine level. Picture this, a calm, respectful, untainted environment without any alcohol, smoke, or vape, inviting you to unwind without worry. Delve into the stories of our rooms namesakes, tailor-made for curious souls and spiritual adventurers.

Dietary Accommodations

Religious Jewish Observances Accommodated

Non-Glatt Kosher meals available (Pareve & Dairy)

Pet friendly with In-Room Visits and Potty Breaks


Smoke-free (cigarettes, cannabis, incense, cigars, etc.)


All weapons are not permitted

Everyone is welcome and respected

Zero tolerance of any form of disrespect or unkindness towards anyone while at The Oaks

Quiet zones, quiet hours

No T.Vs are provided to encourage an environment of quiet within the accommodations

What Our Clients Say

The Oaks Full Colour Logo with Address

Beautiful Home : )

Pam and Rich Thanks for the hospitality! 

Stanley and Rigby too
Bcero Xopoero

Hello to Randy, Tammarishka, and Oscar,

Thank you so much for a most enjoyable stay at The Oaks. Your B&B is indeed a slice of heaven, and my friend and I had such a pleasant visit. Silvie sends her apologies to Oscar for being a great protector of her Mama. You were an asset to your kitchen as our breakfasts were prepared with great care and good taste. I wish you well as you continue to build your new business venture here in the U.S.


Beautiful Room,

Excellent Hospitality!

signature from our guest
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