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Rev. Tammarishka Kerman

CEO Education Programming

CEO of Marketing

Chief Ordained Minister






1103 W 3rd Street Jamestown NY USA 14701

101 Adam Street Cambridge ON Canada N3C 2K7

The Healing Spirit

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Founding Minister

Vice President

Lead Congregational Minister

318 Guelph Street - Unit #9 (entrance at back), Georgetown

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The Healing Spirit

C/O Rev. T. Kerman

101 Adam Street Cambridge ON N3C 2K7

About Rev. Tammarishka

Rev. Tammarishka is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister and trained teacher in Spiritual Development.  She is the owner of The Oaks B&B and Spiritual Center where The Oaks Spiritual Academy is located in Jamestown New York.  Tammarishka is also the founding minister and one of two of the leading ministers of The Healing Spirit Congregation in Georgetown Ontario.  The specialties that Tammarishka especially loves teaching about are the connections between spirituality, nature (especially unplugging) and our personal responsibility for our own well being and its effect on all around us.  No excuses, no blame game, personal responsibility, personal accountability, personal constructive progress, and growth for inner peace.

This event is a church fundraiser for The First Spiritualist Church of Galt, Ontario Canada.  To register, click on the green button below the images and it will take you directly to their site.  It will be a fun event to be had by all.
Saturday's Matinee is an event sure to please.  Tammarishka will bring forward what is the core of our belief in Spiritualism, the continued existence of the soul and its personality after physical death.  Tammarishka has served in churches in Canada, the United States and in the U.K.  Divine service bringing forward evidential proof of this continued existence is one of Tammarishka's favourite forms of Divine service.  So come on out and join us for a lovely afternoon visiting with spirit.
November 181th Let's Play With Some Toys

This is a workshop that will cover psychic tools.  If you were ever curious, ever wondered, tried some psychic tools but could never get the hand of one particular one, wanted to become more involved with a particular tool, wanted to change things up a bit, wanted to just get out of the house and have some fun and try something new, this is just the right environment for that!

We will explore scrying, playdoh, pendulum, psychometry, fluid reading, intuitive tarot (not traditional), drawings, colour, etc.  You will receive a workbook, handouts (physical or digital), work stations (for those in person/zoom accommodations will be suggested), individual exercises, partner exercises and group exercises.  There will be approximately 7-9 exercises through the day.

It will be a very busy day, a very active day and a FUN day!
So don't come wearing the high heels.
Wear comfy clothing.
If you can bring a lunch with you and snack even better.

See you there!

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